3 Thrilling Casino Games For New Players

Casino Games

For many casino gamblers, there are only a few games that can beat the thrill of casino table games. If you are new to the casino scene or even table games, here are the most thrilling casino table games to enjoy at both land-based brick and mortar casinos as well as online casinos.

Casino Games


The craps table is almost like the heart of the casino floor. Several players are always gathered around the tables and move almost in unison as they jump up and down in joy at wins or groan and curse in defeat. Many casino patrons do not understand that craps actually offers some of the best odds on the player’s side. The players see the large crowds and may even take a closer look, but more often than not, the huge betting board with the plethora of complicated bets scares them away. However, the player only needs to know two bets to have a lifetime of fun at a craps table, and they are the pass and don’t pass line.

The pass line has a higher house edge than the don’t pass line, but most players prefer the thrill of defeating the casino at their own game. The don’t pass line is the better wager for the player, but there is little profit involved. However, you can earn more betting on the don’t pass line in the long run than the pass line.

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is quite often disregarded as a casino game and considered more of a house-friendly side game. However, this poker derivative is one of the most thrilling games around. Pai Gow Poker provides a unique opportunity for casino gamblers. They are dealt seven cards, and the objective is to build the strongest hands possible. The first hand is a five-card hand, the second being a two-card hand. The takeaway from this is that the five-card hand needs to be stronger than the two-card hand. Pai Gow Poker is extremely engaging since you need to use strategy to build the two best hands constantly. There is a lot of balancing involved because you have to try to ensure that you can beat the dealer.


Roulette is one of the most exciting and popular casino games out there, even considered the most thrilling by many casino gamblers. There are several ways of slowly making wins by betting even money with a relatively low house edge. However, this is not the thrilling aspect of the game that most players seek. Roulette gives the opportunity to make a lot of cash on the roulette table, but you will need a lot of luck on your side to make things go your way. Obviously, it is rare when you get to experience the thrill of winning the massive bet, but it is still a real possibility.

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