Know About The PaySafeCard UK Casinos

PaySafeCard is an online banking web-based payment system open to consumers from around the world to make money on the Internet fast and flexibly. The payment scheme is based in Europe but has expanded to consumers globally last year. It has been in business for almost a decade now and has been one of the world’s leading names in the payment networks in singapore online betting.

The prepayment banking approach is not only ideal for consumers to pay for such orders made on different platforms, but also for online casino players wishing to quickly produce.

You will buy PaySafeCard Prepaid Cards from a wide range of supermarket outlets and kiosks worldwide. More and more Online casinos have become more and more acceptable in 711 online casino Malaysia because of not only the easy working, but also the speed, flexibility and convenience of the system, which is among the most used electronic payment solutions. Moreover, purchases made using the system’s credit cards are absolutely free of risks.

Working methods

PaySafeCard is considered one of the simplest ways of payment. Customers must however first buy one at the closest outlet or kiosk before accessing the prepayment card itself. The “Order PaySafeCard” menu is available on the website of the payment provider, where customers can check for the closest and most convenient shop for a prepaid card/voucher. There is also an online store to find the coupons.

The pre-paid PaySafeCard cards have several names – £10.00, £25.00, £75.00 and£100. After pick the required sum, the players will receive a Prepaid Bonus which looks much like a receipt and includes an online payment 16-digit PIN for the making of transfers or casino deposits, and paying for the PaySafeCard from a web-shop or brick and mute store.

Although a particular denomination number is issued to each prepayment voucher, consumers may make bigger purchases by the combination of up to ten PaySafeCard PINs. Such variations of prepaid vouchers enable players to use a certain voucher for any credit that remains.

Money depositing 

PaySafeCard is one of the better payment options available in a player’s online casino account to deposit money. The simple and fast way to start playing, as the funds are immediately moved into the casino.

PaySafeCard’s prepaid card and coupon enables online casino players to make cash deposits in a range of internet casino currencies. The players must first pick the PaySafeCard banking option from the cashier’s page of the casino, and then follow the steps to complete the transaction.


One important fact for players is the fact who online casino consumers who are interested in depositing with PaySafeCard have to use both the PaySafeCard and casino registrations with the same name and email address. To complete the money exchange, you can open an account on the website of the payment system.

The procedure itself is easy – players have to insert their 16-digit PIN and the sum they want to deposit. Once the deposit has been confirmed, the process will take place automatically and most casinos will not incur extra fees.

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